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Legal Translation

Company documents

Court decisions


Insurance policies

Layoff plans

Franchising and licensing agreements

Financial Translation

Financial statements

Annual reports

Banking research

Accounting documents

Decrease and increase in share capital

Transfer pricing

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We specialize in finance, law and accounting

25 years of experience

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Who is Behind WordsMatter Translations LLC?

Octavio Armendariz is the founder of WordsMatter Translations LLC. With over 25 years of experience in legal and financial translations, Octavio is one of the leading French – English and Spanish – English translators in the world. You can find out more about Octavio and the company right here.

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Who Else Uses Our Translation Services?

We work with a variety of end clients and translations companies such as:

Aspen Traduction, Paris, France

A4Traduction, Paris, France

HL Trad, Paris, France

Sogedicom, Paris, France

Tectrad SAS, Paris, France

Transperfect, New York, New York

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