Our mission

The mission of WordsMatter Translations LLC is to provide clients with high quality French -to- English and Spanish –to- English translation services. We specialize in legal, financial and accounting translations.

Legal Translation

Meeting the needs of partners and associates at international legal firms, WordsMatter Translations LLC provides a reliable and accurate legal translation with a quick turnaround. Your translation will also be handled by a professional and experienced translator with a specialization in law.

Some of the legal documents we translate include:



Formal reports

Articles of incorporation and bylaws

Corporate reorganizations

Employment contracts

Franchising and licensing agreements

Insurance policies

Pleadings and summonses

Financial Translation

Meeting the needs of banks and financial firms, WordsMatter Translations LLC provides an accurate and efficient financial translation at a fair price. Financial information must be communicated clearly in every language. This is why we make sure your financial translation is carried out by an expert translator with specialized financial knowledge.

Some of the financial documents we translate include:

Accounting documents

Annual reports

Decrease and increase in share capital

Mergers and acquisitions

Share transfer agreements

Transfer pricing

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