Finance and Legal Translations

Spanish – English (US/UK) & French – English (US/UK)

WordsMatter Translations LLC uses the best translators to ensure an accurate translation. Whether your documents deal with finance, law or accounting, they will be left in the hands of experts.

What do we do to ensure high quality translations? In addition to using the best translators specialized in legal and finance, we carry out a three-stage quality control procedure with each assignment:

  1. Selection of the translator with the best skill-set for the job.
  2. Use of a computer-assisted translation program, where applicable, to ensure accuracy, consistency and speed.
  3. Editing of the translation by the founder of WordsMatter Translations, another experienced translator, or a second translator.

Legal Translation

Are you a corporation in need of legal translation services?

WordsMatter Translations LLC specializes in legal translations from French into English and Spanish into English.

With their extensive subject matter expertise, our legal translators will deliver accurate translation services for your projects.

Here are some of the legal documents we can translate for you:



Formal reports

Articles of incorporation and bylaws

Corporate reorganizations

Employment contracts

Franchising and licensing agreements

Insurance policies

Pleadings and summonses

Financial Translation

Are you a bank or financial firm looking for an expert to handle your financial translation needs?

WordsMatter Translations LLC specializes in financial translations from French into English and Spanish into English.

Good business decisions cannot be made without the use of premium translation services for specialized documents. That is why it is essential that your translation is left in the hands of an experienced and specialized translator.

With their deep understanding of finance and country-specific financial terminology, our expert translators will ensure your message is communicated clearly and concisely. You can expect a flawless financial translation when you work with us.

Here are some of the financial documents we can translate for you:

Accounting documents

Annual reports

Decrease and increase in share capital

Mergers and acquisitions

Share transfer agreements

Transfer pricing

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